HFL is the unifying body of the private health sector that collaborates with the MOH to improve quality, access, and equity in the healthcare sector in Liberia

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Ministerial Stakeholder’s Forum

The Healthcare Federation of Liberia in partnership with the Ministry of Health hosted it’s quarterly ministerial stakeholder’s forum on December 1, 2021. Attendees  included: the HFL board and secretariat, HFL’s committee chairs, MOH’s private sector focal person and the MOH team.


During this forum, it was noted that the Liberia Medical and Dental Council’s Standard and Accreditation documents for hospitals and clinics operating in Liberia had been finalized and will be shared with the private sector body. This accreditation document also includes the standards and accreditation for nurses and pharmacies.


It was also discussed that the Private Sector Engagement Strategy  was launched on November 9th 2021, by the Minister of Health and was funded by the Government of Liberia. The goals and objectives of the PSE are: To expand access to and choice of health services by: engaging primary and community level providers, leveraging private sector capacity to fill public health gaps and developing a policy and regulatory environment that encourages private sector participation.


To improve the quality of healthcare provided by the private sector by: building private sector capacity through public-sector in-service trainings, leveraging the role of county health teams, and strengthening coordination with private sector bodies on standards and compliance.


To enhance financial protection by doing the following: supporting healthcare for all, including the private sector in health financing schemes. To create an enabling environment for the PSE by: establishing the PSE team in the MOH as a unit or as part of an existing unit, and operationalizing the PSE. The plan is for MOH to work with HFL in achieving all these goals.

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