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Business Opportunities in Liberia’s Health Sector

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In every sector lies vast opportunities for growth. Whether you are an individual or a corporate entity. As times change, and challenges become prevalent, the need for solutions increase. This need offers opportunities for growth to individuals with capacity. These opportunities include business opportunities.


However when it comes to the health care sector in Liberia, the business opportunities aren’t easy to navigate. Hence, the Healthcare Federation of Liberia partnered with The Africa Health Business (AHB) to engage health leaders in collaborative discussions around creating business opportunities in the health sector of Liberia.


In this regard, an exclusive roundtable hybrid session was held on October 26th 2021 at the Corina Hotel Conference Room, themed “Creating Business Opportunities within the Liberian Health Sector.’


Key areas discussed were:

  • The fastest growing areas of private health, where the private sector seems to thrive in low and middle income African countries
  • Present private health trends in Liberia
  • Business opportunities within the Liberian Health Sector through the lens of the public and private health sectors, and
  • Real life experiences from investors in private healthcare in Liberia


The roundtable discussion included selected high-level stakeholders and key decision makers from different organizations in Africa, and a room of HFL member facilities that participated in HFL’s Business Development Course in 2020.  Participants were allowed to give insights and expert views during the open forum session.

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