HFL is the unifying body of the private health sector that collaborates with the MOH to improve quality, access, and equity in the healthcare sector in Liberia

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HMIS Training

HMIS training section for liberia health sector

Private health service providers in Liberia face many constraints that hinders their abilities to provide quality health services. These constraints include:

  • The lack of financing to develop and improve businesses
  • Inadequate in-service training opportunities for staff
  • Lack of clear service delivery standards
  • Counterfeit drugs and substandard medical equipment
  • Insufficient regulation
  • Frequent power outages and an unreliable supply of electricity, and
  • Inadequate insurance coverage, especially for low-income earners.


These are evident by the recent Health Management Information System (HMIS) ledger rollout of 2020. HFL conducted a QA/QI assessment in October 2021, and the findings showed that service providers were not appropriately recording clients’ medical information in their medical records amongst many others.


Based on these constraints, The Healthcare Federation of Liberia, with support from USAID through The New partnership Initiative (NPI) organized an HMIS training to educate HFL members and potential member facilities with Reporting (completeness and Timeliness) using MOH HMIS tools.


The overall objective for this training was to educate Health Workers on: Recording patients/clients’ health information in the HMIS ledgers, and Correctness, Completeness, Timeliness, and accurate reporting of health data to inform decision making

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